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Welcome to the Kurudamannil Family (Kudumbam) website. Kurudamannil Family is an ancient Christian Family having various branches and around 5000 members spread across different parts of the globe. The Kurudamannil family can be proud of a long, chequered history of over four centuries in the heartland of Central Travancore.The family comprises of over two hundred family units having a total membership of over twelve hundred.

"Blessed is the man that feareth the Lord
and delighteth greatly in His commandments;
his seed shall be mighty upon earth;
the generation of the upright shall be blessed;
wealth and riches shall be in his house."
................................................Psalm 112: 1-3

This is exemplified by the Kurudamannnil family and let us praise the Lord for the same as He has been our refuge for generations.

The publication family of the history and directory by Late K.C.Punnoose, Kurempelil, and family directory by late K C Cherian (1998) Kurempelil is available for detailed reference regarding  the socio- economic history of Ayroor.

If there are any entries which are  not listed or incorrectly entered, they can be rectified by contacting the publishers. and also Dr.Georgekutty for this website.


The Kudumbayogam is held every year on the second Saturday of May. It has been decided to build 'Irupootty Nagar' in Ayroor. The plot adjoining the Kurdamannil ancestral house has been bought and the  hall has been constructed with generous contributions of our members. Office bearers of the present Kudumbayogam Committee are:

President:  Rev.Philip Simon


Vice-President: Mr.Oommen K Mathew


Secretary:Mr.Sam K Joseph


Treasurer: Mr.Thomas Kurudamannil

 Please send your suggestions and comments to any of the office bearers.

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